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I'm Brandon Wallis, father of two, and the owner of "A" Locksmith and Security Company.  Our business was started in 1987 by my father Bruce Wallis, who learned the business from my Grandfather and started his own business.   I'm a third generation owner.  In 2004, my father died suddenly from lung cancer and I quit college and took up the business and grew it to what it is today.  
I've decided to start a blog page.  This will include motivational content, humor and just things that I come across on an everyday basis.  One of my most favorite things todo is to still run service calls and talk to our customers and hear their stories.  I enjoy a good debate and love being able to take the otherside in and talk about a topic.  
If you would like to write me you can email or add me Facebook.  
Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated I will not give my opinion on topics.  The purpose is to create a discussion.   

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